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We are Square One Counsel, An Australian owned Not-for-Profit Organization. Operating currently in 11 countries-Australia, India, Srilanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Bangladesh and Mauritius. Head Office located at, Melbourne, Australia. And a branch each in Manipur, Mizoram, Hubli, Trichy, Hyderabad, Vizag, Nagercoil, Salem, Chennai, Bangalore in India. Invest skilled and Semi-skilled individuals to excel their Career and Live Better! We source, recruit, screen, train, guide and deploy Skilled, Semi-Skilled and newly skilled talents in everyday workforce in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We provide UNIQUE skilled training development across multi skills. We work under the legislations of the Departments, Authorities of States, Provinces and Territories of India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to provide the most practical and genuine pathway programs in Migration and Emigration. Dream Ahead! Yes making everyone's (E)migration Dream Possible. Shape young minds and talents to acquire efficient trade skills. Business Investment (CREATE) Program, Job Ready (Dream Ahead Pathway) program is to improve the emissary efficiency on gateway to Australia, New Zealand and Canada Visa on time performance. When you become a part of Square One Family, we honour and evaluate your pre-determination and passion towards the progress of Job Ready Visa program, Small Business Investment Program and Study Ahead program make millions of dream successful. Share & Shine about this inevitable opportunity. We mutually agree and synergise to exceed expectations! SQUARE ONE FAMILY

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Australia, New Zealand and Canada are popular destination for skilled migrants. The skill select program initiated by the department of immigration and border protection, also allows the applicants to get a permanent visa after meeting the immigration requirements. The purpose of a general skilled migration visa is to permit highly employable individuals to migrate to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It is the most common form of migration and is our core expertise. Additionally, we train and recruit skilled and semi-skilled migrants to match the skillset and on demand job list by the designated employers and state legislations. You can be qualified to work in Australia, New Zealand and Canada under the following categories:
  • Skilled Migrant
  • Semi-skilled Migrant
  • Newly Skilled Migrant(Graduated)
  • Skill shortage or Labour Contracted Migrant
  • State/ Province Sponsored Migrant
  • Employer / Territory Sponsored Migrant
And many other categories to select from after pre-assessment. You ca bring your Family and loved ones too!

Are You A Fresher Or Degree Holder? Want To Do Masters?

  • Are you dreaming for sea change in your career?
  • Do you want to study in a world class university?
  • Do you want to pursue a professional career in AUS / NZ?
  • Want to study world class medicine or MBBS @ low cost?
  • Just finished higher secondary? Want to study abroad?
  • Want to research with great scientists?

Most popular degree courses in Australia, New Zealand and Canada:

  • Health – medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing
  • Engineering – civil, petroleum, mechanical, electrical
  • Business – management, accounting, finance
  • Science : physics, environmental, physics
  • Primary and higher secondary education for under 18s
Do you know? You can enrol in University with 5 year Visa with Job right after finishing your Year 12 with very low IELTS score. Find out after pre-assessment.
Our work has contributed to concrete commitments in the Global Compact on skilled and semi-skilled Migration to open up workforce mobility pathways to qualified and demand occupation listed people. Young school students to trade qualified citizens around the world In Australia, New Zealand, Canada we are assisting the authorities and employers nominated skilled employment pathways which will offer employment and permanent skilled visas to numerous talents and their families. We’re now helping businesses across the country recruit in-demand talent through this program. Life-changing results - our model is win-win: for the global economy, for local businesses and communities, and for skilled, semi-skilled, newly skilled employees themselves. Education and childcare - From preschool through to university Australia, New Zealand, Canada offers an unparalleled experience of world-class education opportunities for you and your family. Healthcare and wellbeing -A range of world-class medical, Healthcare and wellbeing services for you and your family. Getting around - Getting around in Australia, New Zealand, Canada isn’t just about getting from A to B, it’s about enjoying the journey. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy your journey. Housing and property -More than 55 million people call Australia, New Zealand, Canada home respectively and you can too. Environment and weather- Melbourne is affectionately known for having ‘four seasons in one day’. No matter the weather, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada you’ll find clean air, clean water and unique animals Money and tax - Find out what you need to know to establish your finances in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, including banking, taxes and cost of living information, superannuation. Do you know? You can move and settle with your family including your elderly parents now with very low IELTS score. Find out after pre-assessment.
Square One Counsel Envisions a world where newly skilled, semi-skilled people can use their skills and talents to move to secured futures. We believe that a collaborative approach is the fastest and best route to a more equitable system; one that extends life-changing work and migration opportunities to skilled people everywhere. Start up! Grow! Business in Australia New Zealand! Settle with your family... Now it’s a great time to start business in Australia and New Zealand. Explore and Experience a new World of endless Opportunities. Meet and greet new Customers. Be a part of the future. Live and do great Business.... our Business Advisors will guide you to invest in the Right Place and Right Business. Do you know? You can move and settle with your family including your elderly parents now with very low IELTS score. Find out after pre-assessment



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